FSC Is On A New Mission To Promote Wood Certification


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has embarked on a major global marketing push to increase awareness of its wood certification and so drive demand for it.

Based on research conducted with over 9,000 consumers in 11 countries including the UK, the Forests For All Forever campaign is intended to be delivered by FSC partners using materials across social media, print, pack and point of sale.

FSC director general Kim Carstensen said: “The success of FSC has always depended on consumer awareness and demand for FSC-certified products, and we have relied on our partners and certificate holders to spread the message of FSC on our behalf.

“However, it became clear that we needed to provide our partners with tools that could inspire their customers to choose FSC – an identity that would connect with consumers and be memorable in the retail space.”

He added that the new visual identity, which unlike the familiar certification logo features people and animals rather than trees, would “provide a clearer message to consumers of what it means when they buy an FSC-certified product”.

To learn more about the new gameplan for FSC click here!

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