Forest Fires: How The Heat Is On For Purchasing Wood


Another Forest Fire, Another All Too Familiar Horror Story. ALL CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!!

Our good Friend Andy S. (Sherwood Lumber) hit us with some hard news last week. As most of you are aware, Sherwood Lumber is nationwide company.  Their Portland, Oregon office is on top of and in the middle of a very bad fire season.  It’s been particularly hot and dry most of the year.  The fire danger started in the winter with the lack of snow in the mountains.  It has only gotten worse.  For Portland to have 90-100 degree heat is very unusual.


The sight of a forest fire and the devastation left afterwards is sobering.  Andy and his wife, Cindy, experienced it last year on a ride back from Bend, Oregon.  They took the Southern Route through the “Sisters Wilderness Area”.  They recall the day…

“…remember to this day the smell and the blackness that stretched as far as we could see in every direction.  I was on that same road the year before with my son Rob after a summer ski trip.  The contrast was just amazing. We all love Roseburg.  This fire is 20 miles North of that area.”


Most of the woods in the West are closed to logging.  I would not wait too long to buy something.  If this “class four” fire danger continues we will have more mills shut down.

And that means heads up to our customers! We cannot control mother nature, but we can control the course of your project with our trusted sales team, high quality materials, and if we can’t find it…WE CAN SEARCH AND LOCATE IT FOR YOU!!

IMG_3628Thanks again to our friends Andy for sending us these photos and sharing your story! We leave you with the last paragraph of their heartfelt email…

“As always THANK YOU FOR YOR CONTIUED BUSINESS AND SUPPORT. Cindy and I are really lucky  to have a bunch of friends we call customers!  Have a GREAT weekend!!” 

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