Our FSC® Origins

Throughout his time as Chief Executive Officer, Jack Mackin has pushed this storied company with one guiding principle as his motivator: he has been committed to developing F.D. Sterritt Lumber into the region’s leader in distributing products that contribute to the preservation of the environment.  In 2003, Sterritt Lumber embarked on its newest venture: “green building.”  This may be a fashionable term in recent years in areas whose residents are typically highly educated or who have the means to feel good about their building materials purchases.  However, Mackin’s efforts at protecting the ecosystem are not about merely feeling good.  The Forest Stewardship Council®, the agency that sets strict guidelines regarding products and their journey from the forest to the jobsite, requires companies like Sterritt Lumber to completely overhaul their purchase and distribution processes in order to be certified by this stringent council.

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata)In offering FSC products and services, Mackin took responsibility to branch out and offer these things while still maintaining our rich history of quality and service.  Because of this, Mackin was honored as the first person profiled as “People of FSC” and has been featured in many publications for his dedication and work promoting green building and FSC products. F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company has grown to become the largest distributor of FSC wood products in the nation.  With thousands of LEED and other green jobs under our belt, we possess the knowledge and ability to achieve many diverse project goals.

Assuming this role as the nation’s FSC leader is serious business for the folks at Sterritt Lumber.  This responsibility has compelled them to sponsor dozens of seminars for builders and architects on how to gain LEED points through construction.   The professionals at Sterritt understand the gravity of being at the forefront of green building in New England. Sterritt Lumber responded to this self-imposed pressure by attempting to advance the greater good by sponsoring these extremely valuable workshops for builders so that they may in turn assist even more in the preservation of the environment.

In addition, Sterritt Lumber has created innovations in the FSC market by converting their hardwood, cedar, and fire rated stock into FSC material.  This has created a supply chain that adheres to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council.  We are proud of our FSC origins, and we look to continue to grow our brand nationally and beyond so that sustainability becomes a household term!

Our FSC Growth

Speaking of growing our brand, we have taken many proud and positive steps towards making sustainability a household term!

Now that Sterritt Lumber has established FSC products as the cornerstone of its business, we have attempted to extend our reach to demonstrate to as many people as possible the numerous advantages of using certified products.  One area is by marketing this wonderful and beneficial category of products through social media and similar outlets.  Our association with EMNARI (the Eastern Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry) enables us to publicize the advantages of sustainable building.  This organization brings awareness so members can learn how to better each other and our businesses in the building industry.

Our staff oversees a complex network of blogs, professional development, tips, and tricks designed to advance the cause of sustainability.  This network of data is updated regularly delivering environmental awareness, market trends, national news, interesting developments, local green activities, and educational courses available to the public.  These are just some of the areas that demonstrate our FSC growth.

F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company is active at various networking events and FSC-related professional workshops as well. Our professionals educate architects and contractors on the certification and LEED processes.  In addition, members of our team lead on the national stage by working with FSC chain of custody certified suppliers and resellers to enhance the market for FSC products.

poplar treeIn addition, Sterritt Lumber is attempting to constantly improve customer service in its distribution of FSC products. Our expert staff is dedicated to making the sales process as simple and streamlined as possible.  From start to finish, they make sure materials are handled properly and customers’ expectations are met.  We have national and international reach when it comes to the distribution and delivery of FSC certified materials.  Wherever you need certified materials shipped, we are proudly able to accomplish this task.

Sterritt Lumber’s FSC story has been taken to a national stage.  Efforts that Mackin began over ten years ago and continue today now extend to these and other professional staffers at Sterritt Lumber!