Claymark Centurion Installation

Claymark_080523-87487For the best results when installing Claymark Centurion, it is important to always ensure the industry standards and best practice are met throughout all areas of construction.

Compliance to national, state and local codes is required. In particular, those code requirements and standards that adhere to all aspects of water control and management inside and outside the structure must be achieved.

This compliance will help this innovative product remain true to its specifications and purposes. We are very proud of this product at Sterritt Lumber, and we are committed to helping our customers utilize it in the best possible ways.  Because of the manner in Claymark Centurion is sustainably harvested, the way it is milled, and application of its protective treatment, we are excited to offer you this cutting edge material!

As such, the following link details the proper installation and care of this fine product, and don’t forget to call our professionals at Sterritt Lumber regarding all of your FSC needs!