The Benefits of Using FSC Lock-Deck!

FSC Lock-Deck is an incredibly versatile material because provides an answer for hundreds of applications! This is its main benefit!

Primarily used in wood frame and heavy timber construction, FSC Lock-Deck comes in over a dozen species. Because of this, it can be used for both interior and exterior jobs, as well as applications in a variety of climates.

We are often asked what type of decking material combines strength and versatility with beauty. The answer is a simple one for so many jobs. Some of the many solutions FSC Lock-Deck provides an answer for include fortifying the following:

* Roofs
* Ceilings
* Balconies
* Porches
* Floors

Because of its versatility, especially the diversity of its grades and faces, designers can be very creative using this product in homes, offices, churches, and industrial structures.

In addition to its versatility, another benefit of FSC Lock-Deck laminated decking is its strong, dimensionally stability. While very stable, it can still possess all the beauty and warmth of natural wood!