The Benefits of Using FSC Pressure Treated KDAT Material

When Southern Yellow Pine is pressure-treated, it is completely saturated with water and a liquid solution of Copper Azole preservative. As the wood dries out, it shrinks, and this is actually a positive development. This is because the best place for this shrinkage to occur is at the treating plant under controlled circumstances, and not in a deck or other outdoor structure after the material has been installed.

In the re-drying process (KDAT — Kiln Dried After Treatment), our FSC treated wood is separated by space and exposed to a controlled air flow so the wood dries evenly.

So what are the benefits of this process?

* This process drastically reduces cupping, twisting, and warping.
* The holding power of fasteners increases greatly.
* There is no waiting to coat this wood. There would be with wet treated wood.
* FSC Pressure Treated KDAT materials are lighter because of the treatment, This makes the lumber lighter and easier to transport and handle.
* The drying process produces the benefits of a clean and environmentally sound product.

With these advantages, what is the point of using anything else?