FSC Birch Plywood

FSC Birch plywood is truly a natural marvel of the modern world! This certified material possesses many features that make it a desirable material in the construction of cabinets, children’s toys, furniture, and even some fencing projects!

One important reason that FSC Birch plywood is so prized is that birch trees themselves are very fast growing. This makes the harvesting and replenishment of the trees conducive to safeguarding the environment. When one harvests a fast growing tree, the process of replacing it becomes an easier one that brings with it no harmful effects on the forest itself.

Certified Birch plywood is often used to make children’s toys because it has very few frayed or jagged edges. In addition, it possesses a natural smooth finish. For an even more attractive look, apply a glossy finish! This will be attractive to your children and give you satisfaction that you are truly working with one of nature’s finest materials.

Another wonderful feature about FSC Birch plywood is its intrinsic strength. Because birch plywood is strong, it can be used for cabinets and shelves. It also is ideal for dressers, chests, and desks because it offers naturally attractive grains and superior strength.

Finally, FSC Birch plywood is affordable and versatile. Because of its many faces, It works well for creating fencing for any project, including backyard privacy fencing applications. Birch plywood has few if any cracks, knots or splinters, making it easy to machine as well.

Making you rest even easier is the fact that this product has passed the strict environmental guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council. Sterritt Lumber currently stocks birch plywood in multiple grades in the following thicknesses:

1/4″ 4′ x 8′

1/2″ 4′ x 8′

3/4″ 4′ x 8′

In addition, Sterritt Lumber is able to ship special order birch specialty sheetgoods directly to your jobsite. If it is out there, we can get it for you!