FSC Centurian and Claymark Clear Pine Trim

We are thrilled to stock a couple of innovative FSC certified products to handle all of your pine trim needs! We proudly introduce Claymark® Centurion and Claymark® Clear Pine.

More on high quality Claymark® Clear below, but first, we want to present you with some information on the best primed pine on the market! Claymark® Centurion is the next generation of treated finger-jointed pine, precision manufactured from Claymark’s® premium radiata pine blocks.

A next generation patented treatment, Tru-Core®, is used to preserve and extend the life of the wood. This water-based, eco-friendly treatment penetrates right to the core and has a proven history of performance.

Centurion™ is coated in a new-generation 100% acrylic protective primer, and finished with a high-build acrylic undercoat. This gives state-of-the-art protection, resists tannin and resin bleed and provides better adhesion and flexibility, while being safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional oil- or solvent-based coatings.

Centurion™ is the first choice for any job that requires a superior finish. But it has more than great looks in its favour. It is an environmentally sound product, sustainably grown and precision manufactured in New Zealand to Claymark’s® exacting standards.

Please contact one of our outstanding professionals today to inquire about all of your FSC pine trim needs!