FSC Trusses And FSC Wall Panels

Imagine the positive feeling you will get when you install an entire system that it is FSC certified! That is what would occur if you invest in high quality FSC Trusses and FSC Wall Panels available through Sterritt Lumber!

Every FSC Truss available through Sterritt is individually designed! In addition, that design is checked and approved by licensed engineers for structural integrity. Also, implementing FSC Trusses provide more design flexibility, inside and out, than conventional framing. Sterritt Lumber can offer numerous design options that present an economical and structurally superior method for the rapid erection of your next project.

There are a variety of benefits to installing these systems for both builders and architects. Since there is generally one basic structural design, there is a significant savings on design costs. In addition, since component costs are understood in advance of construction, developers enjoy better project cost control. The speed and efficiency of installation also increases exponentially as compared to the application of conventional framing. Add these advantages to the fact that FSC Trusses and FSC Wall Panels are systems that have withstood the rigorous guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council and you have one of the best material applications on the market today!

Sustainability, durability, and strength are qualities that all thoughtful and talented builders strive for. We are thrilled to offer these advantages and more to you!