Your Claymark® Centurion Questions Answered!

Why use Claymark® Centurion Pine Trim?

Claymark® Centurion is manufactured from the highest quality New Zealand Radiata Pine logs produced at Claymark’s two sawmill locations in the Central North Island of New Zealand. In addition, it is supported by an industry leading 50-year limited warranty against decay/rot and insect attack. Most importantly, Claymark® products are FSC Certified!

Why is this significant?

Sourcing raw material from homogeneous, sustainable yield forests is important, but equally so are the consistency factors associated with the sawing and kiln drying operations. Because Claymark® Centurion is manufactured exclusively from lumber cut at Claymark sawmills and dried in Claymark’s own kiln’s, there is a consistency factor inherent in the Centurion.

How is Centurion treated?

Centurion is treated using the next generation Tru-Core® process. The Tru-Core process is a unique physical – chemical infusion process by which wood protection agents are mixed with specially designed elements, known as TANO compounds that enable the treatment to “walk” into the wood to reach the center of the board. Preservative penetration occurs within 24 hours. Many of the wood protection components become “fixed” in the wood. Other wood protectant elements become “substantive” and resist nature’s effects over many years of exterior application.

How should Claymark® Centurion be stored?

Until it is fastened into place, Centurion needs protection from direct sunlight, water, dirt and other elements. Centurion should be stored in a dry location off of the ground on blocks and be protected with a waterproof cover. Bundles should not be completely sealed as good air circulation is required.