FSC Cumaru

Cumaru makes an impressive decking material for a number of reasons. It possesses properties that mirror the stately look and durability of Ipe. However, it does not bring with it the cost of that hardwood. Add the fact that Sterritt Lumber’s FSC Cumaru follows along a strict chain of custody that assures that it originates from responsibly managed forests, and you have quite a valuable material. For these reasons, professional deck builders look good when they apply FSC Cumaru to their decking project.

Cumaru resists mold and termites naturally, without the necessity for treatments or preservatives. This South American product weathers both harsh storms strong ultraviolet rays from the sun without warping or bucking. In addition, unlike composite decking or pressure treated varieties, Cumaru remains very attractive years down the road with little upkeep required. This exotic wood immediately beautifies any landscape while creating an outdoor oasis from modern construction.

Bursting with color, this wood ranges from a soothing golden tan to a warm reddish brown with lively dark grain accents through out the wood.

Due to its superior strength, Cumaru can be difficult to saw and bore with standard saws. Carbide tipped blades are recommended. Pre-boring is necessary, but it takes to nails and screws well. This value of this wood is worth the effort, however! Where severely interlocked grain is not present, the wood planes to a smooth surface.

Its many applications include decking, flooring, heavy construction, tool handles, and dock fenders. FSC Cumaru is one of the many gems available through Sterritt Lumber!