FSC Dimensional & Framing Lumber

For over a hundred years, Sterritt Lumber has specialized in the supply of quality dimensional lumber to its valued customers. In fact, one would be hard pressed not to view a completed project in Boston with lumber ties to Sterritt Lumber. Ten years ago, Sterritt Lumber became certified to stock and handle products that meet the exacting guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council. Now armed with FSC stock, Sterritt has supplied universities, museums, residences, and government buildings with FSC certified framing and dimensional stock. We are proud to stock dozens of structural dimensional lumber products that have been sustainably harvested. These high quality products have been trusted in the construction and renovation of laboratories, residential homes, television studios, shopping malls, boat houses, boardwalks, and hospitals all across the land.

So what exactly constitutes Sterritt Lumber’s FSC dimensional lumber? In many cases, these items have a structural purpose as opposed to a finish one. In many cases, these products serve as the blood and guts of a job application. Because of that, these items need to be strong, true to size, straight, easy to machine, and durable. In addition, these products hold up to the rigorous standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council. This ensures that the originating forests have been properly managed and that native peoples and animals have been properly cared for and respected during the course of the harvest.

Here is a brief synopsis of Sterritt Lumber’s FSC dimensional lumber types:

Spruce Pine Fir #2

These studs are construction grade and ideal for residential or industrial projects. They are very easy to machine, and they come from slower growth trees. This indicates that the grain will be tight, and the product will be extremely durable. SPF #2 lumber is kiln dried to aid in high dimensional stability. This grade of stock is extremely cost effective for nearly any application.

FSC Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is our nation’s most plentiful softwood species. Douglas Fir’s beauty, strength, and resilience are prime reasons for choosing this durable wood. Douglas Fir provides a surface that will hold a finish, maintain its appearance under extreme wear and remain level without cracking or splintering.

FSC Rough Spruce

This dimensional lumber is termed “rough” because of the sawn look it possesses. Often sold green, it is perfect for many construction applications as it is sold in wide widths. Sterritt Lumber is proud to stock this traditional building product in 1″ and 2″ thicknesses.

The quality of Sterritt Lumber’s dimensional lumber is singular and high. Yet, the applications are vast and diverse. We stock some of the finest dimensional and structural lumber in the land, and we are happy to share their strength, workability, and cost effectiveness with you. In addition, purchasing Sterritt Lumber’s FSC dimensional lumber is an investment in the sustainability of our earth’s resources!