The Benefits of FSC Floor Trusses

FSC Floor Trusses are incredibly economical and efficient in several ways. Equally as important is the fact that these installations create high quality, squeak-free construction that include the added benefits of reduced framing time, less waste, and fewer callbacks. Here are some of the many benefits of constructing using FSC Floor Trusses:

* The design versatility and open web spaces enabled by FSC Floor Trusses are tremendous advantages to builders of today’s complex and sophisticated homes.
* Floor truss installations create high quality, noise-free construction.
* Shrinkage, warping or twisting are minimized with floor trusses, reducing the potential for callbacks to the job site.
* Stiffness and strength can be designed into the floor truss, creating a more solid floor than ones built conventionally.
* FSC Floor Trusses have followed a chain of custody that ensures materials have been harvested from well-managed forests.

Imagine the positive feeling you will get when you install an entire system that it is FSC certified! That is what would occur if you invest in high quality FSC Floor Trusses and FSC Wall Panels available through Sterritt Lumber!