Grading FSC Western Red Cedar

The Many Faces of FSC Western Red Cedar:

Clear Heart

The highest grade. Includes only pieces with heartwood on the exposed face. Many pieces completely clear, others have minor imperfections that do not detract from their fine appearance.

Grading Rule Paragraph
NLGA 200a
WCLIB 102-b

A and Better

Permits somewhat more imperfections than Clear Heart but the grade is still restricted to pieces with excellent appearance.

Common specifications are A and Better and A and Better with a percentage of B Grade allowed.

Grading Rule Paragraph
NLGA 200b
WCLIB 102-c

B and Better

Permits slightly larger and more numerous characteristics than A grade but occasional pieces may require trimming to yield high grade pieces in shorter lengths. Most often supplied as a percentage with A grade.

Grading Rule Paragraph
NLGA 200c
WCLIB 102-d

C and Better

High quality lumber for use where appearance is important. In addition to interior and exterior trim, lumber of this grade is used for cabinetry, doors, windows and similar applications.

Grading Rule Paragraph
NLGA 202b, c
WCLIB 149-b, c
WWPA 10,11,12

D and Better

This grade permits larger and more numerous natural characteristics and is used where general utility is more important than appearance.

Grading Rule Paragraph
NLGA 202d
WCLIB 149-b, c
WWPA 10,13

-Courtesy of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association