FSC Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) is one of North America’s great renewable resources. Slow growing and naturally durable, Western Red Cedar has one of the longest life spans of any North American softwood. It produces long lengths of timber with true, straight grain. It is free from pitch and its heartwood has natural resistance to decay. Being of low density gives it an insulation value superior to most other species. Lightweight, easy to machine, easy to finish, possessing outstanding dimensional stability, Western Red Cedar is a preferred wood for nearly all purposes where attractive appearance or resistance to weather is important. Western Red cedar has long been know to be the premier wood product for exterior applications. We boast of a full line of FSC certified cedar products to make any job successful.

Western Red Cedar’s Durability:

Historically, native peoples of the Pacific coast prized cedar for its long lasting qualities and used wood and bark from cedar trees for most of their building needs. Evidence of cedar’s durability are the many cedar relics still in good condition today.

Properly finished and maintained, cedar will deliver decades of trouble-free use. If your project calls for cedar to be exposed for prolonged periods to conditions where decay could be a factor, such as where the wood is in contact with the ground, cedar should be treated with proper wood preservatives.

How Does Western Red Cedar Machine?

With its straight grain and uniform texture, Western Red Cedar is among the easiest and most rewarding woods to work with. It takes a fine finish in all hand and machine operations, takes fasteners without splitting and is easily sawn and nailed. When working with Western Red Cedar, sharp cutters are recommended.