FSC Garapa

Known scientifically as Apuleia Leiocarpa, Brazilian grown Garapa is a wonderful, durable, and cost effective alternative to traditional Ipe decking!

Garapa is a dense hardwood decking that resists rot, decay, splinters and scratches naturally, without any chemical treatments. This fine-grained hardwood is often used in flooring, siding, window frames and boat building.

This Brazilian species is often chosen for its beautiful light golden yellow color, durability, fine grain, kiln dried performance, and value. Garapa slightly darkens upon exposure, and is it also known as Brazilian Ash in the flooring trade. This wood is the best performer of the lower cost alternatives to Ipe decking. When left to weather to a natural silvery-gray patina, its grain patterns are virtually indistinguishable from Ipe. When used for decking, Garapa is stronger than most decking materials. In addition, garapa is scratch-resistant. It is much harder than softwood or composite decking, keeping your deck’s surface smooth for many years to come.

Garapa decking distributed through Sterritt Lumber is responsibly harvested from well-managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource! Because of this fact, you should feel very good about using this exotic hardwood on any of your important exterior decking applications.

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