The Grades of FSC Lock-Deck

Lock-Deck™ laminated decking is available in a large variety of species like Douglas Fir, Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Southern Pine.

Because it is such a versatile engineered product available in a wide variety of species, lock-deck comes in a variety of grades. Here is a brief explanation of them…

Supreme — Available in most species, this grade is manufactured with a clear face. This grade may contain rare small knots or minor characteristics that do not detract from the overall appearance. The grade is the finest in quality and the ultimate in appearance. Supreme Lock-Deck is used where high end appearance is more important than budget.

Decorative — Available in all species, this grade contains sound knots and natural wood characteristics. On occasion, pieces may contain chipped edge knots, short end splits or seasoning checks, and pin holes. This is the most popular grade of Lock-Deck, and it is well suited to most applications.

Service — Available via special order, this rustic grade is recommended for industrial applications where strength is more important than appearance. This grade allows for face knotholes, end splits, planer burns, and other non-strength reducing characteristics.

It is also available in the following patterns: standard vee, square edge, channel, and bull nose. Center laminations are offset and engineered to form a tongue and groove on both the edges (center match) and the ends (end match).

FSC Lock-Deck comes in the following lengths: random 6’ to 16’, shipped in multiples of 1’ and 1″ short of nominal.

Specified lengths and lengths of 18’ to 24’ or longer are available on inquiry. Please contact one of our professionals at Sterritt Lumber today to find out about this marvel of engineered wood!