FSC Hickory Plywood

Widely regarded as the densest of all Eastern Hardwoods, Hickory grows widely throughout the United States and beyond. North America claims 16 species of hickory, of which the most abundant and commercially important is the shagbark (Carya ovata).

Although Hickory grows best in bottomland soils, you’ll find it on loamy hillsides as well as rocky slopes. In the forest, hickory will grow to 140′ tall and a diameter of 30″, frequently with no branches for 50-60′.

Generally straight-grained and coarse-textured, Hickory heartwood varies from tan to brownish-red, and the sapwood approaches being white. Hickory heartwood that is brown or reddish brown in color is sold as “Red Hickory”. The sapwood is light in color and sold as “White Hickory”. As stated above, FSC Hickory Plywood is typically straight grained, but can be wavy or irregular. These qualities make for an extremely elegant plywood useful for dozens of applications. For a rustic look, FSC Hickory Plywood is also available in sheets that possess wide and open knots within its grain. The result is a very attractive and versatile plywood that is suitable for many jobs and functions!

While many hardwoods share a single quality to Hickory, like stiffness, not one commercially available wood can match it in the combination of hardness, bending strength, stiffness, and shock resistance. As a result, FSC Hickory Plywood is perfect for applications that require stability like cabinetry, bookshelves, and rocking chairs.

A sustainable material, you will find FSC Hickory Plywood readily available too, in many thicknesses.

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