Installing Your FSC Lock-Deck

In general, the most common method of applying FSC Lock-Deck is Random Length Continuous (RLC). This method allows the use of mixed lengths of material on a variety of span conditions, providing high structural efficiency and attractive appearance.

At Sterritt Lumber, we find that the allowable RLC roof loads recommended in the span table are based on actual full-scale tests where the decking was laid in accordance with strict rules. Install as follows for optimal performance:

* Your deck should be continuous over three or more spans of similar length with each decking piece over at least one support.

* Place decking to disperse end-joints as randomly as possible. The distance between end-joints in adjacent rows of decking is at least two feet, and the distance between end-joints in rows of decking separated by only one row is at least one foot.

* End spans shall be carefully planned and placed. To ensure that end spans perform in accordance to Span Tables, follow one of these practices: eliminate end-joints in one-third of the decking courses. Provide a cantilevered overhang, free of end-joints, equal to 20% of the end span, or shorten your end span by 10%.

Your decking should be end-matched and toenailed within one foot of all ends.

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