FSC Lock-Deck Laminated Decking

With great pride, Sterritt Lumber presents FSC Lock-Deck Laminated Decking as an application to address many decking and roofing requirements!

FSC Lock-Deck is a structurally engineered product of two to five kiln-dried lumber laminations bonded together with an exterior waterproof adhesive to form glue laminated decking. It is often used to augment heavy timber construction as well as wood framed structures.

Lock-Deck’s decking is the perfect answer for jobs where strength is required to marry appearance. This innovative application can be used for ceilings and roofs, as well as for balconies, mezzanines and floors. With Lock-Deck, exquisite designs can be created for stately homes, wondrous churches, and other structures. Lock-Deck laminated decking provides a strong, dimensionally stable decking with all the beauty, warmth, and natural feel of real wood.

One exciting characteristic of this decking lies in the versatility of its application. Because Lock-Deck laminated decking has primary requirements that include strength and appearance, it is available in a variety of species that match these needs. Some of the more common species that make up Lock-Deck include Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Southern Yellow Pine. It is available in 2″, 3″, 4″, and even 5″ nominal thicknesses.

The real secret to the ability of many species accomplishing a similar result lies in the adhesive used in FSC Lock-Deck. The adhesive meets the rigid standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM D2559). This specification covers adhesives suitable for the bonding of wood, including treated wood, into structural laminated wood products for general construction, for marine use, or for other uses where a high-strength, waterproof adhesive bond is required. In order to pass this standard, the wood needs to be cured using a hot press curing process.

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