FSC Machiche

Are you looking for decking that resists insects and decay? Or are you searching for material that possesses incredible density? When shopping for an exotic FSC certified decking material that possesses these valuable attributes, there is one product that can answer both of those questions positively! That product is FSC Machiche Decking.

Pronounced “Mah-CHEE-chay”, this high density hardwood provides for an affordably priced and elegant decking option. Machiche wood is harvested from South America, Brazil, the Caribbean, and southern Mexico. It ranges in color from light brown to a darker cocoa color, while often possessing reddish tint in its grain. It is often regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing FSC hardwood decking because you can gain multiple looks from it based on how it is treated. If it is left to weather naturally, it develops a stately silver patina. If however, this decking is treated with a proper sealer, Machiche will take on a rich and dark chocolate color that is sure to turn heads!

Machiche has a medium grain, and it is incredibly dense. It is twice as hard as Oak and nearly five times as hard as Pine. You can rest assured that your deck will not be subject to shrinking, splintering, twisting, cupping and checking. Stability is this material’s middle name!

While it will exude elegance, maintain durability, and be priced well, the best part about FSC Machiche decking is that it is sustainably harvested according to the strict guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council. Rest assured that much thought and care went into bringing this product to you. Our chain of custody assures you that from the forest to your deck, your products passed the guidelines established by the FSC. No native peoples were displaced, and no animals were harmed in bringing you this renewable and stunning decking material.

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