FSC Maple Plywood

Hard Maple is a standard fixture in the modern American sports and athletic world. Maple Plywood, for instance, is the most predominant material used for today’s skateboard industry. In addition, both Maple Lumber and Maple Plywood are critical in the construction of thousands of basketball courts throughout the United States and beyond.

Why? It is because Hard Maple is hard, heavy, attractive, and it possesses an even texture. It also possesses a very high resistance to wear and abrasion.

The wood that stakes a claim to FSC Maple Plywood veneers grows throughout much of the Eastern United States and also in the Great Lakes Region. The sapwood of this durable wood is creamy white with the slightest red tinge. In addition, the heartwood varies from light to dark reddish brown. Generally straight-grained, some sheets of FSC Maple Plywood will show grains that are “curly,” “fiddleback,” and even “birds-eye.”

FSC Maple Plywood machines very well, and it responds in a superior fashion to an outstanding finish. For best results, be certain to use a clear or light stain when protecting this durable plywood.

This beautiful, functional, and durable hardwood plywood is readily available at Sterritt Lumber in thicknesses ranging from 1/8” all the way up to and inch thick. We are proud to handle this elegant product, and it would be our pleasure to point you in the proper direction when it comes to applying this American made hardwood plywood!

Sustainable FSC certified Maple Plywood is a product of particular pride for the folks at Sterritt Lumber. Call one of our professionals today to find out why!