FSC Mayan Mahogany

Sterritt Lumber is proud to stock FSC certified Mayan Mahogany. This beautiful Central American heartwood is highly colored as well as resistant to decay and insects. It ranges in color from a yellow brown to a rich reddish brown.

The sapwood of Mayan Mahogany is white in color, and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. The heartwood is a chocolate brown that may have a copper or purple tone. In addition, it may be striped with fine parenchyma laminations that are lighter in color, while the grain ranges from straight to irregular and interlocked. It has a moderately coarse texture.

It machines well using both hand and power tools, and pre-drilling often yields the best results. Once it is installed, this durable wood will provide long lasting beauty to your decking or building application.

Like all of Sterritt Lumber’s FSC certified lumber, each piece of this prized material has followed the strict guidelines established by the Forest Stewardship Council for making certain that responsible forestry has been utilized in harvesting this wood.

If you are a discerning customer who demands quality but at the same time wants to participate in a solid chain of responsible forestry, use FSC Mayan Mahogany on your next exterior decking project. You will find this elegant wood to be a terrific performer for you or your homeowner!

One of our professionals will be happy to assist you in your inquiries about this exotic hardwood!