Nordic I-Joist

Sterritt Lumber is proud to handle the innovative Nordic I-Joist!

Manufactured using Nordic’s exclusive EnviroLam technology, Nordic I-Joists are touted as a leading environmentally protective product in the U.S. and Canada. Nordic’s unique EnviroLam technology minimizes waste by converting more of nature’s raw material into useful products. The process even transforms tree tips and other overlooked portions of the tree into key components of Nordic’s glued laminated product line!

Like nearly all of Nordic’s structural products, its I-Joists are manufactured using black spruce as a prominent raw material. This light-weight wood is heralded for its narrow growth rings and its high density.

The black spruce is harvested on more than 2 million acres of timberlands where the quality of Nordic’s I-Joist flange stock is controlled from harvest to reforestation by rigorous environmental company standards. Knowing this material originates from controlled land should give you the assurance that the entire family of Nordic engineered wood products possesses sustainable wood solutions for so many building applications!

Nordic prefabricated I-Joists include residential and light-commercial joist depths, and they range from 9-1/4 to 24 inches. Nordic Joist is also available with pre-cut web openings.