Nordic Lam

What is a glulam?

To illustrate the durability and function of Nordic lams, we wanted to help define one for you. A glulam is made up of wood laminations or “lams” that are bonded together with adhesives. Because these are engineered products, glued laminated timbers are built to meet a range of design stresses. Beams are typically manufactured with the strongest lams on the bottom and top of the beam. This is where maximum tension and compression stresses occur.

What is special about Nordic Lam?

At Sterritt Lumber, we are proud to handle Nordic Lam, the most efficient and environmentally sound glulam in existence today! The raw material used in this product is black spruce, a plentiful and durable wood that is responsibly harvested under Nordic’s parent company Chantiers Chibougamau Ltd (CCL). Black spruce is known for its extreme density, fiber strength, and small growth rings. Even though Nordic Lam is very string, it can weigh as much as 25% less than other engineered wood options. These lams are easily machined as well using conventional carpentry tools! This combination of workability and strength make us very proud to handle this fine engineered wood. In addition, Nordic Lam’s standard column widths of 3 1/2″, 5 1/2″, and 7″ are pre sized for an easy fit into conventional framing applications.

Finally, Nordic rigorously adheres to the practices of the Forest Stewardship Council while delivering unwavering quality to the consumer. Nordic Lam products also have been recognized and cain gain points towards National Green Building Standard certification!