Nordic X-Lam

We are proud to announce one of the strongest and stiffest laminated timber products in use today! Sterritt Lumber is proud to partner with Nordic to bring you Nordic’s X-LAM! If you are looking for an environmentally sensible engineered wood for use in commercial, and residential buildings, Nordic X-LAM could be the solution to your needs.

Nordic X-LAM is made up of cross-wise glued and laminated black spruce boards. The result of this composition is a material that can substitute for concrete or even steel! It has tremendous design and cost advantages as well!

As strong and as durable as it is, Nordic X-LAM possesses incredible design flexibility. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) allows for very flexible design as it can be perfectly combined with materials within the structure (steel, concrete, glass, etc.) in addition to other engineered wood products such as glue-lam.

In addition, there is high dimensional stability due to the bi-directional build-up of the timber.
While primarily a structural material, it can also be used as a visible element of the application.

Nordic X-LAM provides incredible cost savings on foundations: since wood is much lighter than concrete, using X-LAM means that your foundation will be lighter and less expensive than in a concrete structure.

As well as being a structural element, X-LAM also acts as an insulating layer due to its high thermal properties. This obviously curbs costs over the life of the structure.

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