About Nordic Engineered Lumber

Since 1961, Nordic has established itself as the premiere solid-sawn I-joist in the market, with proprietary small-block technology, consistent in-line tension testing, and the emergence of the first laminated solid-sawn flange joist, the NI-90x I-joist series. Nordic’s exclusive ENVIRO≡LAM process highlights the full line of Nordic Lam Beams, Columns and Tall Wall Studs. In addition, Nordic’s family of Engineered Wood products allows specifiers to fully utilize the most substantial collection of sustainable wood solutions available from a single manufacturing source. Here at Sterritt Lumber, we are proud to boast of our association with Nordic!

If you ever have questions about installation, do not worry. Nordic’s technical services boast some of the finest talent in the industry. Training, specifier seminars, and continuing education are integral to Nordic’s vision of providing market solutions.

Demand for more refined architectural solutions has led to the creation of Nordic Wood Structures, which offers a whole new complement of straight and curved beams, arches and decking for use in non-residential projects. Already featured in timber structures, industrial buildings, sports facilities and office complexes, Nordic’s in-house architectural and engineering services redefine the potential for engineered wood construction.

Nordic Engineered Wood has been marketing Nordic Joist and Nordic Lam products since its inception in 2000. Attention to product development, quality, and exceptional service have allowed Nordic to grow into a supplier of international scope. Nordic’s expanding markets include sales offices supporting distribution partners in markets from Western Canada to the South eastern U.S., as well as international markets in Europe and Asia.

Like Sterritt Lumber, Nordic is devoted to its clients! From its humble beginnings responding to local needs, Nordic Engineered Wood has grown to a major market contributor, dedicated to providing the best sustainable wood solutions to the building industry. We are proud to partner with this fine manufacturer, as we offer you the finest and most environmentally friendly engineered wood products on the market: Nordic Lam, Nordic X-Lam, and Nordic Joists!