FSC Poplar

ellow poplar trees grow taller than any other U.S. hardwood species and they are members of the magnolia family. The bark leaves flowers and fruit, and its roots contain pharmaceuticals.

Poplar is the state tree of Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. In addition, it grows throughout the eastern United States. Tree heights can often reach 150 feet.

It is primarily used in light construction, furniture crafting, kitchen cabinets, doors, musical instruments, siding, paneling, mouldings and millwork, edge-glued panels, turnings, and carvings.

The sapwood is creamy white and may be streaked, with the heartwood varying from pale yellowish brown to olive green. The green color in the heartwood will tend to darken on exposure to light and turn brown. The wood has a medium to fine texture and is straight-grained having a comparatively uniform texture. It is a versatile wood that is easy to machine, plane, turn, glue and bore. Poplar dries easily with minimal movement in performance and has little tendency to split when nailed. It takes and holds paint, enamel and stain exceptionally well, and it possesses excellent strength and stability.

Since this material is such a versatile and popular species, Sterritt Lumber takes pride in stocking and handling a variety of FSC certified poplar. Some of the following will certainly fit your building materials needs:

1 x 4 FSC Mixed Poplar
1 x 5 FSC Mixed Poplar
1 x 6 FSC Mixed Poplar
1 x 8 FSC Mixed Poplar
1 x 10 FSC Mixed Poplar
1 x 12 FSC Mixed Poplar
5/4 x 6 FSC Mixed Poplar

If your job is not within New England, do not worry! Sterritt Lumber ships this fine certified product to all corners of the United States and beyond using trusted and economical partnerships with common carriers! Give us a call, and we can handle your FSC needs virtually anywhere!