The Qualities of FSC Pressure Treated KDAT Plywood

FSC Pressure Treated KDAT Plywood possesses a number of characteristics that lend an enormous amount of integrity and credibility to your project. Here are just some of the traits of FSC Pressure Treated KDAT stock:

* This material is strong, stiff, and durable North American Fir.
* As such, it is graded according to the rules of the American Panel Association (APA).
* The KDAT process is performed to an average moisture content of 15% or less for better structural stability.
* The pressure treatment is composed of Micronized Copper Azole. MCA treatment enables for a better corrosion resistance for fasteners and hardware.
* This material has been certified as being harvested from well-managed forests according to the rigid guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Because of these characteristics and more, we are confident that you will love the durability, stiffness, and the predictability of this treated material. In addition, we are very proud that this wood has been sensibly harvested from well-managed forests. At Sterritt Lumber, we strive to be the national leader in distributing this fine FSC certified product in all of its many thicknesses!