Your FSC Rain Screen Questions Answered

With any innovative product comes questions of its function and its most effective application. Because of the natural curiosity with regard to this wonderful product, we thought we would anticipate and answer some of your most pressing FSC certified rain screen questions…

* Why would I want to install an FSC certified rain screen system?

Rain screen gaps help walls manage moisture. A rain screen gap helps to dry the sheathing, which may accumulate moisture during cold weather. It also helps to dry the siding when it is soaked by the elements.

* How is a rain screen siding system better than conventional siding installations?

With today’s extremely weather-tight buildings and homes, moisture, mold and mildew get trapped between the siding and the vapor barrier creating an unhealthy environment that fosters decay. Often, this moisture extends inside the home or building creating further health hazards. A rain screen system allows all of this moisture to dissipate naturally, minimizing mold, mildew, rot and unhealthy situations from thriving.

* Why are hardwoods optimal for a FSC rain screen system?

Ultimately, the best exterior application makes the best rain screen. High density hardwood siding, FSC Certified wood siding, or conventionally harvested wood siding all can be effective in these systems.

* Are rain screens examples of “green building” practices?

Yes. Rain screen siding systems are considered a sustainable design best practice because they extend the life cycle
of the entire building and building envelope. At the same time, a properly designed rain screen siding systems promotes
health, safety and welfare considerations as defined by the AIA (American Institute of Architects). Sterritt Lumber’s offerings, bamboo (Dasso XTR), and hardwoods (Ironwoods) are sustainable and in many cases FSC certified.

We welcome answering any of your other more detailed questions about this amazing innovation. Call us at Sterritt Lumber today and see how quickly your residential or commercial project can be outfitted with a rain screen system!