FSC Rain Screen Systems

We are extremely excited and proud to partner with two industry leaders in offering FSC certified rain screen siding systems for your commercial or residential application!

Dasso has been the global leader in the development of cutting edge bamboo products. This continues with their production of Dasso XTR bamboo rain screen. For even more scope and variety of species, Sterritt Lumber and Iron Woods have joined forces to offer a sustainable and durable rain screen system called Vanish Rain Screen.

The rain screen is the siding itself but the term rainscreen implies a system of building. Ideally, FSC rain screen prevents the wall moisture barrier on sheathing from getting wet. Traditional horizontal rain screen siding has long been recommended for improved airflow, allowing air to move vertically behind the siding and moisture to evaporate. This significantly improves the service life of a building envelope and coating performance.

There are a number of sustainable wood siding species that are appropriate for FSC rain screen wood siding installations. Including FSC Bamboo, high density hardwood siding materials such as FSC Ipe, FSC Cumaru, FSC Garapa, and FSC Machiche are excellent wood siding material options for your rain screen wood siding installation.

We invite you to click on the following pages to find out more about both Dasso and Vanish Rain Screen systems. These remarkable products will add tremendous value to your home or commercial application, and they are all available through Sterritt Lumber!

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