The Benefits Of Using FSC Rain Screen Siding

We are thrilled to source such a versatile and valuable siding innovation as rain screen in various styles and options! It is beautiful, durable, sustainable, and very effective at adding value to your home or commercial project. Are there other benefits to the installation of this innovative building material?

The advantages of rain screen are incredible! Whether you are installing a Vanish system manufactured by Ironwoods, or one made of bamboo as produced by Dasso, the benefits of this innovative siding are many and impactful. Rain screen systems manage moisture, and this management of this ultimately controls the life cycle of a structure. We invite you to read on as we detail even more advantages to this innovative concept!

* Rain screen systems reduce the occurrence of mold and mildew through natural ventilation concepts.
* The need for grouts and sealants is significantly reduced, and therefore building maintenance costs can be cut.
* Rain screen systems are suitable for both new construction and renovations.
* Insulation design can be optimized using rain screens. This can reduce the humidity within a structure.
* Rain screen systems are the most effective method of rain penetration control!
* Rain screens control the capillary action of the rain by controlling the wind pressure of the building.
* Any remaining moisture left within the cavity safely evaporates through channeled air movement.

Rain screen systems are the wave of the future. Well, they certainly help channel any waves, that is for sure! We invite you to call Sterritt Lumber and speak with one of our professionals about the options when it comes to this cutting edge building material!