The Many Applications of FSC Claymark Clear Pine

Claymark® Clear Pine is a product that has a reputation for uncompromising quality!

Claymark® uses only the finest timber, leading-edge manufacturing processes, and the most skilled designers to produce this line of clear solid pine boards. These reasons in part are why we at Sterritt Lumber back this fine product so much.

This pine is the perfect solution for a variety of applications where precision, clean lines, and stately appearances are called for. You can use Claymark® Clear Pine for dozens of interior moulding and trim applications. Some of these include the finishing touches on bathrooms and kitchens, or trimming out a dining area or an entire basement.
The specialty of this fine company is the production of premium clear boards, milled and manufactured to exacting standards and exported to the world. This cutting edge product is milled from the finest New Zealand-grown radiata pine from carefully managed and certified plantation forests. Precision is at the core of this harvesting process, and this product’s reputation is based on the flawless quality of Claymark® products.

Because when it comes to quality or sustainability, there is no compromise.