FSC Walnut

Known scientifically as “juglans nigra,” walnut is the richest and darkest of the American hardwoods in terms of its appearance. It is highly valued because it does in fact stand apart from the many other classifications of quality hardwoods.

The heartwood of FSC Walnut is light to chocolate brown, and this material is usually steamed upon manufacturing. This darkens the sapwood. It is generally straight-grained; however, walnut will often possess waves in its grain. This adds to the attraction of this already valued timber.

American FSC Walnut is one of our finest and most cherished native woods. Prized for its rich dark color, stability and workability, it has deep, historical roots with the early settlement of this country. During that time, it was used extensively in the finest furniture and millwork of the colonial period, and it has even been proposed as our national tree!

The primary growing, harvesting, and manufacturing range of walnut is the Eastern United States, from New York through the Carolinas and west to the plains states.

In terms of applications, walnut is readily available for the manufacturing of furniture, cabinets, and flooring.

Like many of the American hardwoods, once walnut trees are taken to the mill for processing, technology assists in yielding the greatest amount of lumber from the tree. When the finished goods are made, all of the tree also possesses a use. For instance, the bark of the walnut tree is processed into mulch for growing more hardwood trees, and the sawdust can serve as fuel for the boilers that operate kilns. As a result, this distinctive and stately wood is serving many purposes. For this reason, you can feel good about the walnut tree. Yes, it possesses a rich appearance and has versatility in its applications. However, it participates in something much more important: the natural re-creation of the American forest.

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