One of the reasons Sterritt Lumber has been successful as the premier building materials supplier in New England since 1841 is due to our uncompromising attention to the needs of our customers.

Throughout the early years of our business and into the modern era, we have catered to schools, homeowners, general contractors, architects, and even the Federal Government.

During the “Big Dig” project that occurred in Boston over the last two decades, contractors large and small relied on our unique ability to get substantial materials to their job sites within a day. The demands of the largest construction project in the history of the world (yes, even greater in scope than the construction of the Pyramids) often required our customers to change the direction of particular parts of a project. They required flexibility from their materials suppliers due to the ever changing nature of their job.

In contrast, now many of our customers require extreme rigidity from their suppliers. Due to the strict requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council, the journey our materials make from the forest to the job site must be accounted for using stringent rules that protect and sustain our natural resources. Again, enter Sterritt Lumber. Since first handling FSC materials in 2004, Sterritt has become the largest distributor of FSC materials in the country. We have been able to supply FSC materials in almost all 50 states to hundreds of jobs.

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